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Professional Therapeutic Massage Services

Located at 384 Q Street Springfield Oregon

Movement Improvement is the trusted massage therapy practice in Lane County that specializes in relieving mobility and flexibility challenges and providing targeted pain relief through movement and manual therapies.

Kinesiology Taping

Meet the team of professionals dedicated to finding solutions

Movement Improvement Team

Each one of our massage therapists work to improve your body's function, reduce stiffness and help you live your best life.  Our massage therapy treatments are also great for helping with the rapid reduction of muscle tension, reducing recovery time from injury, and improving range of motion.

A massage with any one of us will be tailored and personalized to you specifically, so you won't have to think twice about getting exactly what your body needs from each session.

woman in pain

Targeting the root cause of pain

Aches and pains from everyday life are common and can often be frustrating. As we age, pain grows worse and more difficult to manage. It's vital to alleviate pain so you can experience the joys of life without any limitations.

But here's the thing: traditional relaxation massage produces endorphins and helps you reach that moment of Zen, but it leaves your body with the same pain and stiffness you were trying to get rid of. For too long, people have been struggling with the choice between managing their intense pain versus feeling like themselves—a choice that is just plain unfair.

We are introducing a new and innovative massage and movement therapy formula that has been developed and described as the best of physical therapy and massage therapy combined together. 


This revolutionary treatment targets the root cause of pain and it begins with the commitment to a better healthier version of you!

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Relief Is Within Reach

Call or stop by today and see how you can get relief from chronic issues like back pain, neck pain, arthritis and more.

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