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Back Massage


It may be confusing when your massage therapist asks if you prefer a wellness massage or a therapeutic massage. However, knowing the difference allows us to provide the best massage experience possible. When considering which type of massage you need, there are 3 important distinctions that I have provided below:

1. In addition to stress relief and relaxation, a therapeutic massage is outcome-based. The treatment is focused on a medical necessity and is often used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, relieve nerve compression, improve flexibility, recover from surgery, and treat soft tissue related injuries.

2. A therapeutic massage will provide a targeted plan for treatment. This may include range of motion assessment, postural evaluation, and palpation of the injured area before the treatment begins. After the session has ended, the licensed massage therapist will provide recommendations for at home stretching/strengthening exercises for maintenance between visits, amount of follow up visits needed, and natural options for pain relief. 


3. This is not a full body massage. We are striving for a therapeutic outcome which means that the licensed massage therapist will spend time on the areas that need it most. 

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